BlueLeaf Ventures employees and associates have centuries of combined skills in a unionized, heavy, high volume manufacturing environment, specializing in operations management, mechanical engineering and production support roles such as supply management, quality assurance, manufacturing engineering and welding technology. Employees and associates individually have 20 to 35 years experience.

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Our areas of expertise include:

  • Entire project management, or sub-activity / departmental management within a program
  • Operations management from executive level leadership to shop floor supervision.
  • Proposal development, from review of initial technical requirements through estimate costing, engineering, scheduling, component sourcing, resource and equipment planning, employee selection and training, and client liaison activities.
  • Corporate qualification development, such as ISO quality, safety and environmental certification, CWB / ASME welding designations, registration as a U.S. Government supplier and other industrial governing bodies.
  • Operating budget development, cost reduction and monitoring.
  • Product diversification planning.
  • Equipment modernization / replacement acquisition, rebuild planning and coordination.
  • Safety procedure development and auditing
  • Product cost reduction / quality improvement.
  • Transportation ( inbound and outbound ) shipping analysis.
  • “Best value” procurement analysis, including “ make vs buy”, vendor quality surveys and vendor certification verification.
  • Support for major grievance conciliation and contract negotiations with labour unions.
  • Lean manufacturing implementation, including 5S, workflow analysis, value stream mapping, elimination of waste and non-value added operations.
  • Market development, product sales support and product cost estimating.
  • Preparation of submissions to access government support programs for all industrial activities, including marketing, proposal development, product prototyping and testing, capital equipment acquisitions and more.
  • Plant expansion and facilities planning.
  • Selection and coordination of training of employees, including both hourly and staff.
  • Capacity analysis planning, work station optimization, utilization and scheduling.
  • Preparation of work standards for incentive, bonus or piece work programs; machine / workstation volume forecasting.
  • Production workflow planning and layouts, detailed operation planning.
  • Subcontract management, including contractor qualification confirmation, contract administration, quality verification auditing and product configuration control.
  • Mechanical design, tooling design, lifting device design, including detailed drawings and bill of material development.
  • Safety device design, installation and training
  • Stress analysis.
  • Project engineering and technical support staff supervision.
  • Product manufacturing historical documentation, including photo records, tooling documents, video taping, workstation instruction sheets and labour performance data.
  • Due diligence assistance on facility, equipment and product licensing acquisition.
  • Production trouble shooting.
  • Work station / workshop safety and ergonomic evaluation.
  • Inspection plans and verification audit development for productivity, product quality, safety standards compliance, certification ( regulatory body ) conformance and configuration control assessment.
  • Welding, fabrication, assembly and finishing operations supervision and auditing.
  • Development and maintenance of welder certifications, welding procedures and practices, including oversight of welder testing to code.
  • Safety program development, training and presentation
  • Coordination of welding technology upgrades.